Livada Mălâncrav

Zona Livezii nr.86A
557117 Mălâncrav, jud.Sibiu
Tel.:(004) 0744 57 23 25
Tel.:(004) 0269 44 87 77

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An orchard from the past for a prosperous future

On the hills of Mãlâncrav village, as in other places in Transylvania, still raises old trees which besides fruits, provides shelter for a lot of creatures living in a diverse and harmonious ecosystem. The apple trees are so representative for this village that earned him the name "Almakerék", translated from Hungarian by "apple wheel". Mãlâncrav orchard, certified since 1305, includes a rich assortment of apple varieties, plums and walnuts, with diverse flora and fauna.

Apple trees are old autochthonous varieties, with particular historical and economical value. The aging trees, the insufficient regeneration, the assault of the commercial varieties and the loss of grafting craft are general threats for this orchard and others like it.

We invite you to discover Mălâncrav demonstrative orchard and our achievements and most of all we challenge you to follow our steps:

  • Learn to plant trees and care for an orchard that supports biodiversity!
  • Learn to recognize the old varieties and get involved in their preservation!
  • Enjoy the fruits and take the time to squeeze fresh juice, bake a cake or make jams and compotes from the grandmother's recipe book!
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